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Enabling Research Projects 2015
Short Name: Title: PI:
CCFE-03 Predictive model for pedestals Samuli Saarelma
CCFE-08 Tritium and Deuterium retention in metals with variable radiation-induced microstructure Andree De Backer
CEA-02 Towards demonstration of Inertial Fusion for Energy Jacquemot Sylvie
CEA-05 Non-linear edge ICRF physics code development and applications Laurent Colas
CEA-09 Kinetic modelling of runaway electron dynamics Yves Peysson
CIEMAT-09 Manufacturing and testing of SiC-based ceramics for Flow Channel Inserts in DCLL blankets NEREA ORDAS
CIEMAT-11 Dynamic dislocation-defect interaction MARIA JOSE CATURLA
ENEA-03 Theory and simulation of energetic particle dynamics and ensuing collective behaviors in fusion plasmas Fulvio Zonca
ENEA-06 Experimental investigation of PDIs and wave excitation by non-resonant mm-wave beams and their effect on localized Electron Cyclotron and Ion heating using an improved CTS diagnostic. Alessandro Bruschi
ENEA-08 Unexplored magnetic vortex regimes relevant for fusion applications of superconductors Giuseppe Celentano
EPFL-05 Synergetic numerical-experimental approach to fundamental aspects of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge Paolo Ricci
FZJ-02 Towards enabling computational divertor design for fusion power plant divertors: state of the art adjoint based edge plasma simulation techniques Detlev Reiter
IPP-01 Verification and development of new algorithms for gyrokinetic codes Eric Sonnendr├╝cker
IPP-02 Micro-turbulence properties in the core of tokamak plasmas: close comparison between experimental observations and theoretical predictions Garrard Conway
IPP-05 Global non-linear MHD modeling in toroidal X-point geometry of disruptions, edge localized modes, and techniques for their mitigation and suppression Matthias Hoelzl
IPPLM-04 Development of soft X-ray GEM based detecting system for tomographic tungsten focused transport monitoring Maryna Chernyshova
JSI-02 Fast Model Predictive Control for Magnetic Plasma Control Samo Gerksic
LPP-ERM-KMS-03 Synergy of plastic deformation and Hydrogen isotope retention in W and W-based alloys: theory and validation experiments Dmitry Terentyev
UL-01 When and how ODS particles are formed? - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and atomic-scale modelling of ODS steels Juris Purans
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