The Fusion Industry Innovation Forum (FIIF) has been formed in 2010 by the European Commission. At that time, with the ITER project under construction, the fusion programme re-orientated its activities towards the definition of a first demonstration fusion power plant (DEMO) that would generate significant amounts of electricity. This plant should incorporate the requirements and principles that industry and power plant operators require. On the other hand, it is of utmost importance for industry to gain the knowledge and capacity to capitalise on such a plant and take full advantage from its development. Industry should therefore work with the research community at the start of the process and FIIF has been created to constitute the link between them.  


Mission Statement


In line with EU energy policy, the SET-Plan and Innovation Union objectives the mission of the FIIF is threefold.


Roadmap to Fusion Power

Firstly, working in close collaboration with the research programme, industry will contribute to the development of fusion technology and the design and construction of a prototype fusion power plant. This will be realised by jointly, research centres and industry, defining programmatic, industrialised and technological power plant road maps with clear milestones and resource estimates coupled to a realistic time frame. These road maps will give fusion research especially industry, a long term vision of fusion development providing continuity to their fusion activities and allowing them to develop the necessary skills and competences, thereby creating the basis of a European fusion industry.


Technology Transfer

Secondly, from a comprehensive fusion power plant technology development programme and the construction of ITER with technology transfer between research centres and industry, the conditions for innovation in various technologies with secondary applications outside fusion will be fostered and strengthened. Industries, both large and small, that recognise technologies which complement their current or future business plans, will, through the forum and the Euratom IPR framework, have the opportunity to exploit the knowledge generating competitiveness, jobs and economic growth through spin offs, new products and services to market, and technology and production development in industry.


Developing Skills

Thirdly, the forum will contribute to the development of all the required industrial and regulatory skills and competences, as well as to the management of knowledge on fusion technology,  to place European industry and the European energy market in a competitive position for any future fusion power plant commercialisation.